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Do you hear the people sing, singing the song of angry men?

It is the music of a people who will not be slaves again

25 January 1987
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A little of me
Myriam. 27. Canadian. Québécoise. Wannabe Irish. Awkward. Optimistic. Joyful. Fangirl. Get obsessed very easily. Au pair. "Communication, Writing and Multimedia" graduate from Université de Sherbrooke. Obsessive hockey/Habs fan. Avid TV watcher. Musical lover. Avid music listener. Talks too much. Laughs at inapropriate times. Loves my friends and family. Big dreamer.

A little of my dreams
Travel around the world. Write better. Learn to play the guitar. Dream forever.

A little of my journal
A little of everything. I rant. I fangirl. I introduce what I love. I write letters.

A little of my obsessions

Castle. White Collar. Sherlock. Game of Thrones. Suits. Robin Hood. Supernatural. Lost. Grey's Anatomy. How I Met Your Mother. Doctor Who. Gilmore Girls. Firefly. Veronica Mars. Heroes. The OC. Buffy.

Les Misérables. Rent. Next to Normal. Wicked. Bonnie and Clyde. Newsies. Phantom of the Opera. Catch Me If You Can. A Chorus Line. Annie. Anything Goes. Book of Mormon. Mary Poppins. Notre-Dame de Paris.

Jason Mraz. Hedley. Ryan Star. Blake Lewis. Hadley Fraser. Ramin Karimloo. Laura Osnes. Whatever tickles my fancy.

Harry Potter Series
Anne of Green Gables Series
Les Misérables

Lord of the Rings. Moulin Rouge. Love Actually. Sound of Music. A Walk to Remember. Grease. The Notebook. Shelter. The Social Network. Goon. Serenity.

Montreal Canadiens. Nothing else.

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